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Excellence in Lifecycle Management

Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Japan provides life time support for customers, from the beginning of the project to the maintenance phase.

Staff in Japan will provide support for whole project process, starting with proposal at the new vehicle design phase, brake system design concept, technical engineering, incoming product inspection before delivery to customer, quality assurance after delivery, spare parts maintenance, overhaul, and modernization.

Company Information

Company Introduction
About Knorr-Bremse Railway System Japan
Service Center
Rail Service / Sakado Service Center Introducing the support services provided in Japan

Product Information

Air Supply Devices
PistonSupply Eco Product with a special coating that does not require lubricating oil on the piston and cylinder
AirSupply Smart Supply of compressed air according to train operation status, silent mode and battery mode functions, solutions for other next generations
Brake Control Devices
FlexControl Fit Modular design compatible with standard Japanese brake controls
CubeControl Distributed brake control system that enables brake control for each bogie / axle
Basic Braking Devices
TreadAct Compact Modular design for various trolley mounting interfaces
TreadAct Classic Space-saving type developed for Japanese narrow gauge bogies
WheelAct & AxleAct Standard type, compact type, etc. according to the application
Friction Technologies - Brake Pad/Block Excellence A wide range of products from synthetic brake shoes and linings to high-performance sintered linings
Friction Technologies - Brake Disc Excellence Integrated or split axle mounting discs / wheel mounting discs.

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