Door systems open the way to your destination.

It might seem that the main purpose of a door system is to shut out the outside world. But when a train pulls in at the platform, the passengers are all waiting for the moment when the doors open. And when they get off the train, the opening doors mark the start of their journey to work, to their holiday destination, or back home. Between these two moments, the doors close reliably and safely, keeping out the wind, rain, heat, cold, dust and noise. When it comes to entrance systems for rail vehicles, the IFE Group, with its headquarters in Kematen / Ybbs in Austria, is the world´s leading full-service provider.


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High-quality Entrance Systems for Punctuality and Cost-effectiveness

IFE stands for "Innovations for Entrance Systems" – the name says it all. Quality, reliability, safety and cost-effectiveness have been the company’s top priorities for over 70 years. And this focus has paid off.
Passenger boarding and alighting is a critical procedure that determines some of the key performance indicators in rail transportation. Advanced entrance system technology is crucial to ensuring that these procedures run smoothly even on busy trains and in adverse environmental conditions.
Since the entrance systems have to withstand exposure to snow, ice, sand and brake dust on a daily basis, it pays to invest in IFE quality.

Our more efficient entrance systems speed up processes on platforms, increase the reliability of the trains and improve passenger comfort.

Dr. Peter Radina – Member of the Management Board, Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems

Systems for Maximum Reliability

IFE is the industry benchmark with its portfolio of drives for sliding and sliding plug doors, door control systems, door leaf options for a variety of applications, access devices and obstacle detection mechanisms. The systems deliver the ultimate in reliability and are available for everything from light rail vehicles to high-speed trains. Their key features include a low-maintenance, easy-to-install design and low life cycle costs. As a full-line supplier, IFE will also install and commission the systems on request. Maintenance, spare parts procurement, repairs and extensive retrofit expertise complete the company’s portfolio.
In addition to its headquarters in Kematen/Ybbs, Austria, and offices in Europe, America, India and Australia, IFE also maintains manufacturing sites in the Czech Republic and China.

Door control unit
Generation 4 entrance system
Sliding step X4
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