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  • Knorr-Bremse Newsforum.

Global change, next-generation mobility, transportation revolution - the worldwide megatrends of urbanization, sustainability, digitization and mobility and the resulting requirements for the transportation sector are playing an increasingly important role, particularly in the rail sector. In our newsforum you will find answers and solutions as well as the latest news and reports on the key trends affecting Knorr-Bremse rail vehicle systems. Find out more about our highly innovative system solutions that make transportation of people and goods more reliable and better connected, safer and cleaner, and more comfortable and efficient.


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Current Topics

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The «DAC DAY» in Switzerland

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Interview: Cybersecurity in future rail applications

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Smart Paradigm Shift

From road to rail

Upgrading to the digital age

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RailServices - Donations by the Customer Survey

RailServices "state-of-the-art" modernizations

A clean deal with fully integrated sanitary systems

Service Center Turkey - More than just a presence

Breathe easy – with clean[air]

Happy 100,000, dear CubeControl!

Knorr-Bremse’s training academy goes digital

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