Actuators: generating brake force.

Actuators are the last link in the long chain that generates the brake force which ultimately brings the vehicle to a halt. When configuring its systems, Knorr-Bremse can draw on an extensive portfolio of components for all vehicle categories.

Low-Maintenance Operation and Lightweight Designs

Our actuators are always adapted to the vehicle’s specific interfaces so that they can execute the braking command from the driver’s cab on the vehicle’s wheels or axles. The actuator portfolio includes compact, lightweight brake caliper units 'WheelAct / AxleAct' and block brake units for a wide range of climatic conditions and application scenarios. Low-maintenance, high-performance hydraulic brake force actuators can be installed in extremely small spaces. Knorr-Bremse always adapts its units to the specific vehicle interfaces.


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Track Brakes: Electromagnetic and Eddy-current Brakes 'EddyAct'

Electromagnetic and eddy-current track brakes 'EddyAct' are employed when the brake force needs to be applied independently of the wheel-rail contact. In electromagnetic track brakes 'MagnetAct', the brake force is generated by magnets with an electrical current running through them. Braking is achieved through the adhesion between the magnet and the track and the brake and the track.
In eddy-current brakes 'EddyAct', braking is achieved without relying on friction at all. These brakes are the ideal complement to pneumatic friction brakes, especially on high-speed trains.


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Hydraulic brake caliper 'HydroAct Movable' with articulated mounting, also available in the bogie-axle-oriented installation
Track brakes 'MagnetAct Flex' with articulated magnets for regional and long distance service
Cost-effectiv and robust: Compact brake caliper units 'WheelAct Compact'
Compact and modular tread brake unit 'TreadAct Compact'
Innovative solutions: Light weight caliper with safepark
Efficient applications for Freight Cars: 'TreadAct Freigt'
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