• Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Knorr-Bremse Group as the world's leading manufacturer of braking and on-board systems for rail and commercial vehicles is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. By establishing high standards of health, safety and environmental performance (HSE), we improve the quality of life of our employees and positively impact the surrounding communities.


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HSE Is a Core Value!

We provide a safe and healthy work environment and promote the prevention of illness and injury.

We are committed to the protection of the environment through a sustainable use of natural resources and energy. We promote the procurement of energy efficient products and services.

We will prevent or minimize the impact of our processes, services and products on the environment, health and safety, and also improve the energy efficiency of our products both in manufacture and in application.

We comply, as a minimum, with applicable environmental, energy, health and safety laws, regulations and other HSE requirements to which we subscribe.

We establish company standard practices, where laws or regulations are not adequately protective or do not exist.

HSE Is an Integral Success Factor!

We demonstrate product stewardship throughout the life cycle of our products and services.

We integrate health, safety, energy and environmental considerations into our business processes and product design by consistently supporting the development and dissemination of safe and environmentally-friendly technologies.

We are committed to continuously improving our health, safety, energy and environmental performance through the establishment and communication of measurable goals, ensuring that the necessary personnel, technical and financial resources are provided.

We openly communicate the health, safety, energy and environmental impacts of our products and operations to employees, suppliers, customers, government and the public.

We develop and support our suppliers and partners to adopt our approach to corporate responsibility.

Individual Responsibility and Ownership is Essential!

We will show no compromise if health, safety and environmental risks are unacceptable to our employees, customers, the environment or society.

We empower our management representatives to have a special responsibility for the implementation of our health, safety and environmental policy and to act as role models and motivators for our employees.

We benefit from the experience of our employees and involve them into health, safety and environmental improvements.

We consider the compliance with this policy as our corporate contribution to the preservation of our environment for future generations.

We expect employees at all levels to carry out the responsibilities outlined in this policy.

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