Zelisko celebrates 105 years of inventive ingenuity

Dr. Josef Zelisko founded his eponymous company 105 years ago. Today, trains across Europe, North Africa and the Caribbean stop and start in obedience to Zelisko signals. Zelisko current and voltage transformers are used all over the world.

The company develops and manufactures sophisticated, reliable systems for three major sectors: energy, signaling systems and traffic management systems. Zelisko products – current and voltage transformers, sensors, LED trackside signals, rail crossing safety systems, onboard computers, ticket printers and many more – are making power grids, rail services and road traffic safer around the world.

As a specialist supplier with a reputation for systems expertise and reliability, Zelisko delivers outstanding levels of safety and convenience.


Zelisko Dr. techn. Josef Zelisko, Fabrik für Elektrotechnik und Maschinenbau Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Beethovengasse 43-45
2340 Mödling
Österreich - Austria

Phone: +43 2236 409-0

Dr. Josef Zelisko

Zelisko – a brief history:

1918: After the First World War, Dr. Josef Zelisko sets up his own company in Mödling, Austria, called Dr. techn. Josef Zelisko, Fabrik für Elektrotechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH (the Zelisko Factory for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering).

Energy-saving lamp "Stella"

1930: The company develops “Stella”, an energy-saving lightbulb ahead of its time.

1935: Josef Zelisko’s nephew, Hans Zelisko, a qualified engineer, starts managing the company on an interim basis.

After 1945: Zelisko starts to produce transformers, including current and voltage transformers.

Zelisko railway crossing 1957

1957: Zelisko enters the signal construction business and starts manufacturing rail crossing safety systems and railroad signals.

1959: The company is awarded a patent for moisture-resistant microphone capsules for telephones. Zelisko adds illuminated road signs to the company’s product portfolio.

1970: Zelisko is acquired by Knorr-Bremse Austria.

1987: Zelisko’s first ticket printer is installed on a bus.

1990s: Zelisko becomes an international electrical and electronics company with new product lines.

Starting in 2007: Zelisko focuses on its core competencies: energy, signaling technology and traffic management.

Location Zelisko today

Today: As ever, Zelisko remains a genuinely visionary company, aligning the development of new products with market and customer needs. 105 years after it was first founded, the company is still defined by inventive ingenuity.

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