• Technological integration of complete, customized systems.

  • Technological integration of complete, customized systems.

  • Technological integration of complete, customized systems.

  • Technological integration of complete, customized systems.

In the future, electric rail vehicles, buses and trucks will be key to sustainable mobility. Kiepe Electric is a globally renowned specialist in the innovative electrical systems required to operate these vehicles. The company acts as a technology system integrator, offering complete customized modular electrical systems from a single source. Whether it be sustainably operated new vehicles or intelligent modernization solutions, Kiepe Electric has it covered.

Tram by night Erfurt, Germany

Hybrid tram train Citylink Chemnitz, Germany

Light rail vehicle Vamos GTZ8_b Bielefeld, Germany

Double-articulated electric bus with In Motion Charging (imc®) Linz, Austria

Flexity Tramcar M33 for Gothenburg, Sweden

Light Rail Vehicle TW3000 Hannover, Germany

Traction System and Efficient On-board Power Supply: The Keys to Vehicle Efficiency

The traction system is absolutely key to cost-effective rail vehicle operation. It determines the efficiency of the vehicle, the fleet and sometimes even the entire operator network. As a result, manufacturers cannot afford to simply opt for a one-size-fits-all traction system – they need systems that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of different cities, routes and vehicles. Kiepe Electric is a globally renowned systems specialist with decades of experience in this area.

As well as traction systems, Kiepe Electric supplies auxiliary converters for the on-board power supply, HVAC systems and battery chargers. Its products are engineered to deliver excellent reliability and availability, outstanding energy efficiency and maximum ease of maintenance, thereby ensuring low life cycle costs. Its specially developed modular technologies allow an extremely flexible response to a wide range of different customer requirements, delivering optimal solutions even for low-volume products and extreme operating conditions


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Converter Series Kiepe DGG 500: Integrated traction and on-board power supply system in standardised design for tramways and LRVs
Traction Converter Kiepe TU 600.01: For modernisation of a class 455 EMU, UK; compact power for regional and commuter trains
Traction Converter Kiepe TU 900: Compact power for heavy shunting and main-line locomotives of the type DE12 / DE18
On-board Converter Kiepe BNU 600: Compact and powerful on-board power supply for tramcars and light rail vehicles
LiteCon Control system for SIL requi-rements: The LiteCon control takes over the converter control, safety-relevant monitoring functions, subsystem con-trolling and diagnostic function
Auxiliaries Converter Kiepe AU 120.01: Powerful and efficient on-board power supply for regional and commuter trains

Modernization and Hybridization Projects

As rail vehicles get older, their efficiency declines rapidly compared to new vehicles. Vehicle modernizations provide an attractive solution to this problem. Vehicle modernization specialists Kiepe Electric can supply new traction electronics, on-board power systems, electrical equipment and collision avoidance systems, as well as providing a full range of services covering everything from simple cable refurbishment to partial retrofits and complete project management.

The conversion of existing diesel vehicles to hybrid drives promises to be no less important in years to come. Kiepe Electric already offers this bridging technology as a stepping stone toward climate-neutral trains that is available here and now. Vehicles are retrofitted with an electric power train and electric energy storage system. This allows them to run entirely on electricity from the overhead lines on electrified sections of the route and switch to the traction battery on non-electrified sections.

Retrofit of the articulated light rail vehicles B80C-Z of the Stadtwerke Bonn (SWB)
Modular Control Unit MSG - Modular built control unit for realisation of different functions (i.e. contactor control, door control etc.)

Electrical Control Units

The company also uses the practical experience that it has built up over several decades to develop and produce operator controls for driver’s cabs. Ergonomic design and functional safety are both critical properties of these controllers. Here too, a modular mechanical design means that the controllers can be easily adapted to the vehicle’s specific electrical and mechanical requirements.

Automatic Test System for Electrical Systems

Kiepe’s automatic test system (ATS) tests the functioning of electronic assemblies, control units, on-board power systems and traction systems. It delivers highly reliable testing of all Kiepe systems and many third-party systems. The ATS system is easy to operate, allowing ultra-rapid testing of even the most complicated systems. It thus offers a new set of potential applications to complement the Knorr-Bremse Group’s well-established expertise in pneumatic testing devices.

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The Automatic Test System Kiepe ATS is a function tester for electronic modules and control devices.
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