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Our new technologies offer you a wide variety of solutions for reducing your energy consumption and cutting down harmful emissions – always perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

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The clean[air] concept devised by Merak , a Knorr-Bremse company, combines multiple technologies to form a single, integrated system that cleverly circulates air through highly efficient air filters and air purifiers. The green[air] concept focuses on reducing GWP (Global Warming Potential) by using natural refrigerants and significantly reducing energy consumption.

AirSupply Smart represents a paradigm shift in the air supply sector – over to demand-based compressed-air supplies with permanent condition monitoring. Acting as a multifunctional platform, this sets the scene for a new, climate- and eco-friendly approach to managing energy and noise emissions in the rail industry.

Operators who want to reduce their vehicles’ energy consumption must first find a reliable way to measure and record it. This is the job of the ECOSystem Energy Measuring and Management System . The EN50463-compliant ECOMeter is designed to measure current and voltage and calculate the amount of energy consumed and recovered, assisted by the powerful ECOCom onboard data handling system and ECOLogic, the data collection system for infrastructure and rail operators. The increased, data-driven transparency of energy efficiency and consumption also enables add-on services such as Smart Billing Support, or Energy Efficiency Services such as the LEADER Driver Advisory System (DAS) . By correlating information on the train’s configuration, routing, timetable, current speed and geolocated position, the DAS calculates the most energy-efficient way to drive at any given moment – ideally also taking account of current traffic conditions.

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