LIFETIME EXPANSION – because rail is set to become the backbone of tomorrow’s mobility – Upgrade Service and Product & Fleet Modernization.

To deliver the mobility of tomorrow, operators will have to respond faster and more flexibly to new challenges and requirements. After all, many things will change over a rail vehicle’s operating life (which may last for decades) – including politics, competition, and the environment.

Only vehicles that are always kept in peak condition will deliver top performance, long service lives and the lowest operating costs. Vehicles which are no longer state of the art have been systematically upgraded to meet the latest technical standards. The benefits of this approach? Often, you achieve a significantly improve of your fleet’s operational performance by achieving small upgrades. These days, flexibility is key.

Modernization projects and upgrades

By using innovative new products, upgraded components, solutions for replacing obsolete parts and attractive system modernization options, RailServices gives old vehicles a new lease of life. One of the positive side effects? To passengers, a thoughtfully modernized older vehicle looks just like a brand-new one!

When modernizing or upgrading vehicles, RailServices makes clever use of cross-product synergies within the Knorr-Bremse Group. A dedicated engineering team accesses and applies the necessary expertise depending on the specific products involved. Best of all, our global RailServices Modernization network can implement modernization concepts as turnkey “ready for homologation” support.

Digital systems and solutions

The ongoing digitalization of the rail sector in particular is producing attractive opportunities for digital solutions of all kinds, like digital connectivity upgrades. Here, RailServices works hand in hand with Knorr-Bremse’s Digital Products and Services business unit.

The RailServices condition-based maintenance (CBM) solution combines detailed metrics and analytics with automated diagnostics. As a result, it can display the status, condition and maintenance requirements of all key systems in a train. By preventing premature repairs or replacements, this solution takes full advantage of the remaining service life of the train’s components, products and systems.

Energy metering is based on high-precision metering technology that measures, for example, voltages, currents and recuperated energy in compliance with the latest energy measurement standards (EN 50463). Working as a transparent back-office process, the application provides a reliable basis for calculating energy costs – as well as offsetting them against earnings from recovered braking energy fed back into the electricity grid.


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