• A clear view for a clear run.

  • A clear view for a clear run.

Wherever transportation capacity needs to be increased, ultra-reliable windscreen wiper and wash systems are a must. Knorr-Bremse has built up extensive expertise in systems specially designed for rail vehicles.

On rainy days, a smeared windscreen will force LRV drivers in particular to proceed much more slowly and carefully so that they don’t hit someone running across the track or miss a signal. All too often, poor driver visibility results in congestion on the line.


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Specially Designed Systems for Seamless Rail Transportation

Adapting automotive windscreen wiper systems is not enough to deliver a professional solution for the highly curved windscreens that grace the front end of modern rail vehicles. Knorr-Bremse was quick to respond to this trend, building up extensive expertise in specially designed systems for all rail applications. Thousands of the Company’s many different windscreen wiper and wash systems are now in use around the world, ensuring a clear view for drivers and seamless transportation for passengers on everything from LRVs to high-speed trains.

No Maintenance for a Whole Decade

Trains with faulty windscreen wiper systems must immediately be taken out of service and repaired. That is why our systems are designed to be extremely durable. Even when subjected to heavy use (300,000 operating cycles a year), selected systems can go without maintenance for more than a decade.


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Windscreen wiper and wash systemWindscreen wiper and wash system
Windscreen wiper and wash systems for a clear view under all weather conditions
Rain sensorRain sensor
Tailor-made system solutions with an extensive range of optional features, e.g. rain sensors
Project-specific system design based on 3D wiping field investigation

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