• Stationary and mobile testing equipment.

  • Stationary and mobile testing equipment.

  • Stationary and mobile testing equipment.

Efficient, high-performance rail transportation requires the vehicle subsystems to operate faultlessly. Given the safety-critical nature of braking systems, faultless operation of the test rigs and testing devices for the brake control system, air treatment system, compressors and bogie equipment is also essential. Knorr-Bremse has its own department dedicated to the development and production of custom pneumatic and hydraulic testing equipment and the associated software engineering.

An Established System Specialist for Stationary and Mobile Testing Equipment

Stationary testing equipment is permanently installed in workshops and laboratories. In order to guarantee error-free operation of the braking system components, Knorr-Bremse develops their testing equipment based on Knorr-Bremse end-of-line test instruction. Stationary testing solutions are custom made to accommodate customer testing scope and necessities.

Everyday rail operations involves as well outside testing. This is where mobile testing equipment comes in, ensuring that components or even entire systems can be tested under real operating conditions. Knorr-Bremse provides overall customer solutions for the the operators in conjunction with its Aftermarket specialists at Knorr-Bremse


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Stationary Test Benches

Test benches from Knorr-Bremse facilitate maintenance and overhaul work and ensure component quality and operational reliability for all types of railroad vehicles.


  • Customized test benches according to customer necessities
  • Quality testing according to UIC and manufacturer testing instruction
  • All test benches are CE-Certified and compliant to current safety regulations
  • Software updates and services on demand
  • Training and service are offered to support our customers on their daily business in collaboration with Knorr-Bremse Rail Customer Service network.

The test bench is used for the functional testing of multiple components in one single device. The design consist of a basic module and extension modules, that can be configured and extended according to the customer testing scope. This custom-made configuration makes it ideal for overhauling workshops with limited space. The testing is manual or automatic depending on the unit under test.


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Mobile Test Benches

Rapid train dispatch is essential for efficient freight transportation. However, in the interests of safety, a full brake inspection must be carried out every time a new trainset is put together. Passenger train brakes must also be inspected at regular intervals to ensure that they are working properly.

Mobile testing equipment and test rigs are designed for situations where no fixed testing facilities are available or getting to the nearest facility would take too long. The RailServices portfolio includes mobile testing equipment and test rigs for almost every conceivable track and trackside application, with wired and wireless versions catering to different local conditions. The latest models use powerful smartphones, transmitting data via existing mobile networks.

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