Onboard system solutions for vehicle manufacturers and operators.

While the Rail Vehicles Systems division built its reputation on system solutions for braking, entrance and HVAC systems, it now has a much wider product portfolio. Knorr-Bremse is recognized as a specialist in power supply solutions and highly-integrated train control management systems and components. The Company also possesses a wealth of expertise in the fields of electric mobility, traffic management systems and testing equipment.

Knorr-Bremse is among the leading developers of onboard systems. The results of this development work include environmentally-friendly oil-free compressors, control valves designed to operate at extremely low temperatures, whisper brake pads and intelligent entrance systems. Featuring an energy-saving waste heat recovery function, our CO2 air conditioning systems are a groundbreaking innovation in the rail transportation sector. Whatever your requirements as a vehicle manufacturer or operator, Knorr-Bremse will supply you with perfectly harmonized systems from a single source that have been optimally configured for your specific applications. As a result, it is a highly trusted partner all over the world.


Sales Rail Vehicle Systems Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH

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Phone: +49 89 3547-0

Our customers’ requirements vary according to the local environment in which they operate. Over the years, joint development of customized products and services has created close partnerships that prove their worth every single day.

Mario Beinert – Member of the Management Board, Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge


Powerful Braking Systems for all customer requirements

Entrance Systems

For a smooth and safe boarding and alighting of passengers.

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Climate Control Systems

Climate protection meets passenger comfort.

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Power Electrics

Tailor-made solutions for electromechanical and electronic control components.

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Computing & Communication | TCMS

The control center for trains and their subsystems.

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Wiper- / Wash Systems

Best view from Light Rail to High-Speed Train.

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Sanitary Systems

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Digital Solutions

Smart optimization of rail traffic.

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Automatic Coupling Solutions

Coupling Systems connect cars and trains to each other, quite literally holding modern rail transportation together.

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Platform Screen Doors

Platform Screen Door transform the passenger environment and make mass transit systems much more attractive.

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Signalling Systems

The backbone of safe mobility.

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Stationary & Mobile Testing Equipment

Perfect test equipment: indispensable in rail operations.

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