Freight cars: the mainstay of freight transportation.

Freight cars can be completely open or have permanent or removable roofs. They come in several different guises: flatcars for cargoes that can withstand exposure to the elements, ingeniously flexible transport solutions with sides that can be folded up or down as required, or container, refrigerator, tank and self-unloading cars. For manufacturers and operators alike, Knorr-Bremse is the partner of choice.

Manufacturers have long since developed freight cars for every type of application – and they are the mainstay of modern freight transportation. It is not uncommon for freight cars to remain in service for 50 years or more. This is made possible by their simple and robust design. Traditionally, freight cars have always been entirely analog, relying on manual operation rather than electrical equipment, and requiring a substantial marshaling effort. Manufacturers and operators are now working hard to push forward the electrification and digitization of freight cars. The big challenge is to ensure compatibility with analog cars..


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