Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS): the "central nervous systems" for rail vehicles.

Selectron offers coordinated system solutions for automation in rail vehicles. This is known as the Train Control and Management System (TCMS). The TCMS acts as a control center, simultaneously connecting traction systems, brakes, doors, HVAC units, lighting and toilet control systems. This enables the monitoring of practically all subsystems and functions – fundamentally, the TCMS is to a train what the central nervous system is to a human.

Train Control and Management Systems are key to enabling automation and the use of digital technology on board rail vehicles. Rail vehicle manufacturers increasingly complement conventional wired technology with wireless communication. As a result, it is imperative that the systems are developed with a strong emphasis on reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) and according to the latest cybersecurity standards. Vehicle manufacturers and operators can benefit from the expertise of Selectron Systems AG – the expert system provider from the Knorr-Bremse Group.

Selectron Systems AG: Control Technology for the Automation of Rail Vehicles

As well as being accurate and safe, Train Control and Monitoring Systems must offer high availability. This is exactly what the broad product portfolio from Selectron Systems AG stands for. Selectron specializes in network and communication technology – both wired and wireless. Thanks to its generic and modular solutions, Selectron combines optimal product features create an integrated and fully developed overall system.

Quality Products According to All Common Standards

With a focus on safety and security, Selectron’s portfolio encompasses freely programmable controllers (PLCs) as vehicle control units, as well as network components (switches and routers), remote input/output modules (RIOM), cybersecurity products (intrusion detection systems), gateways, driver's cab displays (HMI), relays, and much more. In addition, there are operating systems, as well as clean and well -structured user tools for facilitating, commissioning, programming and diagnosis of the TCMS systems.


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Vehicle control units – Generically and openly programmable logic controller (PLCs). The highly flexible SIL CPUs shorten the approval process of new vehicles, as well as for retrofitting work over the entire vehicle lifecycle.
Smart Remote Input/Output Systems – Streamlining connectivity with Smartio® decentralized Remote I/Os in SIL and Non-SIL versions. Simple integration as well as flexible, tailor-made and space-saving system extension.
Software & Tooling – Efficient and transparent software tools for every project phase - from engineering, configuration, analysis, diagnosis to visualization.
Cyber Security & Safety – security by design and defense in depth solutions as well as training and consulting services for existing and new systems to mitigate cyber security risks and assure legal compliance.
Subsystem controls – Flexible subsystem controllers as vehicle controllers for decentralized applications. Complementing the proven Smartio® Remote I/O system.
Function modules – Extension components, e.g. with complete wheel slide protection functionality 'WheelGrip', integrated into the established Smartio® system. Flexible combination of the individual components, optimally matched to the application.
Network Technology – Efficient data communication with Ethernet switches and routers for vehicle control systems and multimedia applications.
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