Unveiling Knorr-Bremse India's Local Activities and Initiatives

Knorr-Bremse is committed to social and community causes and has a long track record of engagement in social programs

It is part of who we are as a company to participate in community life, to have a positive impact on the social environment at our locations, and to support people in need. Our Social commitment rests on two pillars: Local Care and Global Care. Local Care covers all CSR activities at local level, while the non-profit organization Knorr-Bremse Global care supports Longer-term and more extensive projects worldwide.


Corporate Identification Number: U35203HR1993PTC034722 Knorr-Bremse India Private Ltd.

51/4, KM Stone, Delhi-Mathura Road
Village & P.O. Baghola
Dist. Palwal, Haryana - 121102
भारत - India

Phone: 1800 180 1285

Walk a Mile for a Child's Smile

As we know “Health is wealth”, our focus at Knorr-Bremse India lies not only for better health of employees but also providing support to the wider section of under – privileged society in the aim to achieve SDG’s Voluntarily.

  • A regular walking of an employee will help a poor child get free education funded by Knorr-Bremse India. It means if a member of the scheme walks 6000 steps a day, Knorr-Bremse India will fund the education of a poor child as a local care activity on annual basis.
  • Participating employees steps will be redeemed towards a social cause as finalized under the scheme. For year 2019-2020 the “Social cause” adopted is “Education of poor child” under SDG-4.

Zero Waste Challenge – Web-based Application With 9 Zero Waste Challenges

The objective of Zero Waste Challenge is to imbibe the culture among the employees to save natural resources and reduce waste by taking the Challenge.

  • Web-based application with 9 Zero Waste Challenges were developed. The challenges were – Save Food, Save Electricity, Save Fuel, No to Plastic, Save Water, Use Reusable Bags, Save Paper, Reuse & Recycle and Donate Old Clothes.
  • Volunteers were asked to select any one challenge.

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