Light Rail Vehicles: sailing smoothly through the traffic.

If cities wish to remain attractive places to live and offer cleaner air for their inhabitants, they need to implement alternative transportation solutions. Light rail vehicles are one such alternative – and Knorr-Bremse is helping to deliver these solutions. LRV lines are relatively easy to plan, take up very little space and are quick to build.

While all around them the traffic is at a standstill, quiet and zippy light rail vehicles sail smoothly through the congestion. Most important of all, these electrically-powered vehicles provide an environmentally-friendly solution. Light rail vehicles open up completely new development opportunities for urban planners. Well-designed routes can take over some of the important feeder functions of metro networks or provide rapid overground links between busy underground lines. Asian cities in particular have high hopes for this mode of transportation, which is comparatively new to their part of the world.


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