HVAC technology: delivering comfort and efficiency.

HVAC systems can make a particularly important contribution to climate protection. Knorr-Bremse’s HVAC technology brand Merak cleverly combines eco-friendly features with the next level in passenger comfort.

Regardless of whether they are traveling by metro in a tropical urban jungle or in a passenger train in the depths of a frosty winter, passengers expect a comfortable temperature on board the train. HVAC system specialists Merak are the industry leaders in solutions for comfortable on-board temperatures – and much more besides. Quiet systems and smart pressure wave compensation ensure that passengers enjoy a smooth and peaceful journey.

Climate protection and passenger comfort go hand in hand. Our HVAC systems are both climate-friendly and energy-efficient. Examples include the recycling of braking energy to heat vehicles, the reduction of the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of our refrigerants to virtually zero, and the ability to vary the HVAC’s airflow in line with the number of passengers in the vehicle.

Dr. Peter Radina – Member of the Management Board, Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge

Low Global Warming Potential

Decades of experience and a global presence allow the company to provide solutions that are both credibly eco-friendly and coherent. These include closed systems and “ECO fans”, which ensure maximum energy efficiency by automatically and continuously adjusting flow rates to the actual on-board cooling or heating requirements. Other examples include the use of low global warming potential refrigerants and filters that last four times longer than commercially available alternatives. Moreover, the fact that Merak always develops its systems with their end-of-life disposal in mind minimizes their environmental impact and reduces the associated costs for operators.

Systems for All Climatic Conditions and Rail Vehicle Types

With facilities in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia, Merak has a strong global presence in the HVAC systems business. Its project-specific applications of tried-and-tested technologies always feature a lightweight design and can be adapted to all climatic conditions and rail vehicle types. The company offers systems both for new vehicles and for retrofitting to existing fleets, including roof-mounted or underfloor units and space-saving solutions for passenger compartments and driver’s cabs. As an acknowledged systems supplier, Merak of course also develops and produces control and regulation systems and sensors for its equipment.


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Bacteriological sanitation unit for air cleaning by germicidal irradiation mounted in the HVAC unit or the air ducting system.
HVAC Electronics Control HEC - state-of-the-art embedded controller. Scalable design for railway HVAC applications with most common train communication protocols available
Roof-mounted, double end, extra-low profile saloon HVAC system. Special design for metro applicaitons
Compact driver’s cabin HVAC system for light rail vehicles.
Roof-mounted saloon HVAC system. Scalable from Regional Trains to High Speed applications at different climatic zones.
Roof-mounted passenger saloon HVAC system for suburban trains.
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