• Measuring energy consumption.

  • Measuring energy consumption.

Energy cost accounting is a complex business. In the case of rail vehicles, the relevant factors include route topography and speed, as well as the type of train and its load. In the interests of economically viable rail vehicle operation, it is vital that operators should only pay for the exact amount of energy that their vehicles actually consume.

This is where Knorr-Bremse’s metering solution comes in. It connects high-precision metering technology to the pantographs and traction unit and measures parameters such as voltage, current and reactive energy in line with the latest energy measurement standards (EN50463).

Rendered transparent by the back office, the measurements supplied by the application provide operators with a reliable basis for their energy cost accounting, including offsetting of brake energy that has been recovered and fed back into the grid. Settlement of accounts with the rail network operator is of course fully automated, making a further contribution to transparent and efficient fleet operation.


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