Monorails open up new spheres.

Even established mass transit networks are unable to keep pace with the rapid growth of some big cities. Monorails are ideally placed to leverage the opportunities that this creates for new forms of transportation.

With its two divisions − Rail Vehicle Systems and Commercial Vehicle Systems − Knorr-Bremse is virtually predestined to be a monorail system supplier. Because monorail vehicles combine rail and commercial vehicle braking systems, using the best of both worlds. In the major conurbations of Asia in particular, but also in South America and the Middle East, monorails have become a normal part of the traffic mix. With their tight cornering capability and elevated routing, they operate where other mass transit systems cannot go.


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Take a look at our product portfolio!

Bogie Equipment

Bogie Equipment

The bogie equipment is the part of the braking system that generates the braking force. The bogie equipment portfolio for monorails features hydraulic brake calipers 'HydroAct Lever' and a range of compact brake calipers including the SN7 from the commercial vehicles business.

Brake Control

Brake Control & Wheel Slide Protection (for Pneumatic Monorails)
Brake Control & Wheel Slide Protection (for Hydraulic Monorails)
'MotionLead family'

To achieve optimum braking, the optimal braking force must be applied to each axle and bogie. Our engineers adapt the system to each monorail’s specific application scenarios.

Wiper Systems / Wash Systems

Windscreen Wiper 'VisionLead Electric'

Windscreen wiper and wash systems ensure that the vehicle always has a clear view. Windscreen wiper and wash systems for monorails usually comprise wiper drives, arms and blades, control units, operating controls, washer water tanks and washer pumps. Rain sensors are also often fitted to vehicles that serve aboveground sections of the line.

Entrance Systems

Entrance System

Different entrance system configurations are available for monorail applications, depending on the application scenario and the operator’s requirements. The options include aluminum, full glass and stainless steel “sandwich” door leaves with obstacle detection. The systems also comprise door control units and door drives, ramps, gap bridges and sliding steps.

Control Systems / TCMS

Router, Vehicle Control Unit, Threat Detection Solution, Switch
Smartio®, WSP3

Train Control and Management Systems (TCMS) are the technological nerve center of monorails, connecting the subsystems to each other and to the central vehicle control system. They must therefore be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. The WSP3 expansion module seamlessly integrates the wheel slide protection system with the monorail’s TCMS. The TDS Defense in Depth Threat Detection Solution detects cyberthreats in their early stages.

Climate Systems

HVAC System

Whatever the outside weather, monorail passengers expect a comfortable on-board environment. Sophisticated and increasingly eco-friendly HVAC systems mounted on the monorail’s roof ensure that this expectation is met.

Electrical Systems

Auxiliary Power Supply

Monorails are complex vehicles, making it particularly important to provide an efficient and reliable power supply for electrical equipment such as USB ports, digital infotainment systems and HVAC systems. Auxiliary power converters and battery chargers ensure that all the relevant power supply requirements are met.