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As the global market leader for braking systems, Knorr-Bremse has a product portfolio that is as broad as it is diversified. Today, in the Rail Vehicle Systems division, that portfolio numbers more than 5,000 main brake components. Keeping a clear overview is quite a challenge. But that’s not just due to the sheer number of products. It’s also because the product names mainly date back to when they were first introduced and are often made up of letters and numbers.

So in the course of a comprehensive naming project, Knorr-Bremse has changed the names of the main brake components in its Rail portfolio. The basic assumption was that the names should be logical, intuitive and customer-oriented, and they should clearly reflect and signpost the “everything-from-one-source” approach that is so crucial for Knorr-Bremse. With this new underlying logic, we are making it far easier to navigate through our portfolio, because the new naming concept is based on the core ‘systems approach’ adopted by Knorr-Bremse, as well as on the intuitive perception of the functions of the individual products. Naming is far more than a formality. To enable the new names to leverage their full added value, they have to be lived and used. Please help us to make this happen!

Focus on Functions

In the first step, we adopted the customer’s viewpoint and divided the braking system into functional segments: “Supply”, “Actuation”, “Interaction”, “Control”, “Adhesion”, “Friction”, “Coupling Systems” and “Comfort”. Then we selected around 120 products that are central to their respective systems and assigned them to these segments
“Supply” includes those products that supply the brake pressure, such as compressors. “Actuation” includes the mechanical brake force actuators, such as the calipers, while “Interaction” comprises the products at the human-machine interface, such as the Motion Controller Family 'MotionLead' for the driver’s cab. The “Control” segment covers brake control and management products. “Adhesion” encompasses products related to wheel/rail contact, such as sanding systems 'SandGrip' and wheel slide protection 'WheelGrip', “Friction” includes the brake disc and friction material, “Coupling Systems” stands for the couplings between trainsets and between the cars within a train, while “Comfort” comprises functions such as leveling control.
This rigid allocation process has not been introduced for its own sake. It forms the basis for a coherent naming structure that can also be applied to future products. The product name itself can comprise up to four component parts: First there is the product family name (e.g. “Axle”) plus a description of the funtion (e.g. “Act”). This is followed by any differentiation within the product family – e.g. “Classic”. So “AxleAct Classic” designates the conventional axle-mounted brake caliper, while “AxleAct Compact”, for example, designates the compact axle-mounted brake caliper. Our high-value brands, such as KE or DB60, will retain their product names on account of their historical significance.


Description Market Name
Air CompressorsPiston / ScrewSupply
Piston CompressorLP, V, VVPistonSupply
Piston Compressor oilfreeV...-T, VV...-TPistonSupply Eco
Screw CompressorSLScrewSupply
Air DryersDrySupply
Air DryerLTE, LTZDrySupply Classic
Air Dryer LocomotiveLTZ2.2, LTZ3.2DrySupply Max
Adaptive Control Air DryeriLTZDrySupply Smart
Adaptive Control Air Dryer Locomotive LD-1000DrySupply Smart Max
Air Supply UnitsAirSupply
Air Supply UnitASUAirSupply Unit
Intelligent Air Supply UnitiASUAirSupply Smart
Air Supply ControlSupplyControl
Intelligent Air ControliACSupplyControl Smart
InverterInverter DC/ACSupplyControl Direct


Description Market Name
Motion Controller KitsMotionLead
Master ControllerFMMotionLead Master
Traction ControllerFTMotionLead Traction
Brake ControllerFBMotionLead Brake
Brake ControllerFB11, ZB11, FZMotionLead Basic
Wiper & Wash SystemsVisionLead
WiperWash ElectricEBS-1/2, EAS, EDSVisionLead Electric
WiperWash Electro-pneumaticEPBS, PBX, PHXVisionLead Pneumatic
WiperWash MechanicWPE1, Wiper Arm, Wiper Blade, Wash Water Tank, WRS1, Filler FlapVisionLead Accessories


Description Market Name
Brake Control UnitsCube / Flex / MaxControl
Brake Control UnitEP2002 familyCubeControl
Brake Control UnitEPC 3.0FlexControl
Brake Control UnitEPCFlexControl Modular
Brake Control UnitEPC-LFlexControl Lite
Brake Control UnitEP-BGE-IIFlexControl Basic
Brake Control UnitEP-BGE, all other BGEFlexControl Fit
Brake Control UnitCCB-3MaxControl
Brake Control UnitCCB-II (Variants), CCB-26, BPC, MBSMaxControl Classic
Brake Control UnitBGE, ZGE for BP Control
(mainly Multiple Units, Special Vehicles)
MaxControl Basic
Pantograph Control UnitPantoControl
Pantograph Control UnitType A1, A2, B1, B2PantoControl
Brake Control ElectronicsSysControl
Brake Control ElectronicsESRA EvolutionSysControl
Brake Control ElectronicsESRAESRA
Distributor ValvesKE, DB60
Distributor ValvesKEfKE
Distributor ValvesKE…KE Classic
Distributor ValvesDB60DB60
Electro Hydraulic UnitsEHUHydroControl
Electro Hydraulic UnitHGKHydroControl Basic
Electro Hydraulic UnitHGE, HGESHydroControl Classic
Electro Hydraulic UnitHGD, HGDSHydroControl Compact
Electro Hydraulic UnitHGA-70, HGFHydroControl Level
Modular Electro Hydraulic Uniti3HUHydroControl Smart
Auxiliary Release UnitsEDHL, HLE, HLEMHydroControl Aux


Description Market Name
Wheel Slide ProtectionWheelGrip
Wheel Slide ProtectionMGS2WheelGrip Classic
Wheel Slide ProtectionMGS3WheelGrip Adapt
Sanding SystemsSandGrip
Mechanic Sanding UnitSDM1, SDG1SandGrip Mechanic
Pneumatic Sanding UnitSEB, SEJ, SD, SDP2, SDN14, SEJ14, SDN31.1SandGrip Pneumatic
Sanding AccessoriesSKD, FFL, MOS, SAM, SIM, VSD5, VSD8, SK1, FLM1, SFS, SHR, Sand Boxes, ModulesSandGrip Accessories
Cleaning Brake UnitsPZ, PX6TreadGrip


Description Market Name
Brake Caliper UnitsWheel / AxleAct
Conventional Brake Caliper Unit (wheel mounted)RZU, RZDWheelAct Classic
Compact Brake Caliper Unit (wheel mounted)RZTM, RZTS, RZTXS, RZKTWheelAct Compact
Conventional Brake Caliper Unit (axle mounted)WZU, WZDAxleAct Classic
Compact Brake Caliper Unit (axle mounted)WZT, WZKTAxleAct Compact
Conventional Brake Caliper Unit (axle mounted)WZPF6AxleAct Passive
Brake Cylinderi.e. U-Cylinder, Compact CylinderBasicAct Cylinder
Brake CylinderPF6BasicAct Cylinder Passive
Tread Brake UnitsTreadAct
Tread Brake UnitPEC7TreadAct Compact
Tread Brake UnitPC7, PC5, PSC7TreadAct Classic
Brake Cylinder FreightBGTreadAct Cylinder
Slack Adjuster FreightDRVTreadAct Adjuster
Compact Brakes for Freight CarsCFCB, TMB60, BMBS, Alpac, Slapcac, KBXTreadAct Freight
Hydraulic CalipersHydroAct
Hydraulic Active CaliperHF1A, HF2A, HSE1A, HSE2A, HS1A, HS2AHydroAct Active
Hydraulic Floating CaliperHS1P, HSC1P, HS2PHydroAct Floating
Hydraulic Caliper Lever Type DesignHC1PHydroAct Lever
Elastic-mounted Hydraulic CaliperHCE1P, HSE1P,HSE2PHydroAct Movable
Hydraulic Caliper UnitWZ...H, RZ...HHydroAct Unit
Magnetic Track BrakesMagnetAct
Main Line Articulated MagnetGRIPMagnetAct Flex
Light Rail Vehicle Articulated MagnetTOROMagnetAct Flex Compact
Light Rail Vehicle Rigid MagnetMOREMagnetAct Rigid
Eddy Current BrakesEddyAct
Eddy Current BrakeiECB, EWB154REddyAct
Eddy Current BrakeiECB + controlEddyAct Smart
Magnetic Track Brake ControliRCB, MMBCMagnetControl


Description Market Name
Brake DiscsUltra / Pro / LightDisc
Wheel Mounted Brake Disc (Steel)R...LS...UltraDisc Wheel
Wheel Mounted Brake Disc (Steel)R...LS...LUltraDisc Wheel Lite
Wheel Mounted Brake Disc
(Gray Cast Iron)
R...LG...ProDisc Wheel
Wheel Mounted Brake Disc (Alu)R...LA...LightDisc Wheel
Axle Mounted Brake Disc (Steel)W...PS..., W...XS..., W...MS..., W...LS..., F...PS..., F...MS...UltraDisc Axle
Axle Mounted Brake Disc Advanced (Steel)W...PS...RUltraDisc Axle Plus
Axle Mounted Brake Disc
(Gray Cast Iron)
W...PG..., W...PK..., W...LG..., W...XG..., W...MK..., F...PG..., F...PK..., F...MK...ProDisc Axle
Axle Mounted Brake Disc Advanced
(Gray Cast Iron)
W...PG...RProDisc Axle Plus
Axle Mounted Brake Disc (Alu)W...PA...LightDisc Axle
Brake Pads / BlocksUltraPad / ProPad, ProBlock
SinterpadFlexpad, Pentaflex, TetraflexUltraPad Flex
SinterpadIsobarUltraPad Extreme
Organic Brake PadPropadProPad
Organic Brake BlockProblockProBlock
Pads for Magnetic Track BrakesMagnetBar
Pads for Magnetic Track Brake (Cast Iron)MagnetBar
Pads for Magnetic Track Brake
MagnetBar Classic
Pads for Magnetic Track Brake (Sinter)MagnetBar Prime


DescriptionMarket Name
Automatic Couplers (Passenger)AutoLink
Digital Automatic Coupler (Freight)FreightLink
Semi-Permanent Couplers (Passenger)ShortLink
Adapter / Rescue Couplers (Passenger)RescueLink


Description Market Name
Hydraulic Leveling CylinderHLCLevelEase
Suspension LegFBHydroEase
Shock AbsorberShockEase


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