Excellent service based on clear principles and attractive service models – over each rail vehicle’s lifetime

Innovative, competitive solutions for every stage in a vehicle’s life cycle – as a strategic service partner, this is what Knorr-Bremse regularly provides to rail vehicle operators and manufacturers worldwide, via 40 service centers and more than 2,000 service engineers.

In the rail market, two principles are considered inviolable. Safety, as one of the basic prerequisites for passenger services in particular. And reliability, to ensure that rail transportation remain competitive and available – and that operating costs stay low. Both of these principles depend on regular maintenance to OEM quality standards, as well as regular overhauls, upgrades and repairs.

To provide these essential services, our exceptionally well-trained RailServices teams channel the expertise of the global Knorr-Bremse Group to deliver individualized, local service solutions. Customers prefer our manufacturer-independent, operator-independent solutions because they are based on a profound understanding of operations, systems and products. Environmental awareness is the green thread running through our entire service portfolio.

Through our global service network we are building up our maintenance and service expertise in the customer’s local area.

Harald Schneider – Member of the Management Board, Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge

By focusing on and exploiting the synergies between our four service models – ENVIRONMENTAL Improvements, AVAILABILITY Solutions, PROCESS Optimization and LIFETIME Expansion – we add genuine value to our customers’ vehicle operations, day after day. And by applying their well-established expertise, our RailServices teams help customers make the transition to digitalization and automation, transforming their operations and hugely improving the availability of vehicles and fleets. By continuously developing our services, RailServices actively contributes to extending rail vehicles’ service lives while simultaneously optimizing operating costs.

Painted inaccurately? Definitely no! This is the visualization of "thinking out of the box ", because the optimal solution often consists of several services.


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