Coupling systems: complex multi-purpose systems.

Coupling systems connect trains and vehicles. They check, manage and control the tractive forces and compensate for relative movements between vehicles out on the track. These complex multi-purpose systems couple mechanical, pneumatic and electrical components. They also act as data lines and digital interfaces on passenger trains – a functionality that will soon be available on freight trains, too. And they do all this while at the same time reliably delivering both comfort and safety.

Automatic coupling systems are indispensable for efficient rail transport.

Focus on Automatic Coupling Systems and a Digital Automatic Coupling System for Freight Cars

With its new Coupling Systems business field, Knorr-Bremse is focusing on automatic center buffer coupling systems (for connecting trainsets), semi-permanent coupling systems (for connecting cars within a trainset) and adapter coupling systems (for towing) for high-speed and regional trains, metros and light rail vehicles. A digital automatic coupling system for freight cars will also be added to the range in the near future.

High-quality Systems Ready for the Future

Knorr-Bremse coupling systems combine high quality with a focus on maximum safety, high availability and a clear emphasis on future-readiness. Their intelligent systems enable digital functionalities throughout the train, while a customer-oriented service offering combines a global presence with local service centers for short response times.

Reversible energy-absorption systems are available in various versions. These ensure a smooth coupling process and deliver a high level of comfort by limiting longitudinal vibration. Irreversible solutions and tear-off functions, for example behind the bearing block, make for safety in critical situations. Side, bottom and top-mounted e-coupler models are available for different applications, together with a range of other features such as 1Gbit/s data rates.

The Digital Automatic Coupling Systems for Freight Cars: A Key Component in 21st Century Rail Freight Transportation

Requirements in the rail freight sector change every day. In order to meet them in full, locomotives and cars have to be coupled together, separated and reconfigured in a time-consuming process that involves considerable manual effort. But time is a precious commodity, especially in the rail freight sector. In the interests of greater availability and efficiency, operators, manufacturers and policymakers at European level are keen to accelerate the introduction of digital automatic couplers for freight cars. Knorr-Bremse is already working on this key component of 21st century rail freight transportation.

The automatic coupling systems 'AutoLink' connect train units with one another
Connects cars within a trainset: Semi-permanent coupling systems 'ShortLink'


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