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Since its foundation in 1905, Knorr-Bremse has been committed to technological progress. Groundbreaking developments in the field of brakes for rail vehicles and an ever-increasing number of living patents are proof of this. Our technical literature publishes the current state of the art and serves both as a reference book and as support for your questions and requirements.


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Track Brakes

Track brakes constitute an adhesion independent brake system in rail vehicles. They thus complement the pneumatic brake, the hydraulic brake and the electrodynamic brake system perfectly. In recent years, technological developments have progressed at great pace due to the increase of operating speeds to max. 350 kph. In regional and intercity traffic, average speeds and track usage frequencies are constantly increasing. Consequentially, track brakes have become an integral part of the braking system. They are used extensively today in high-speed trains, passenger cars, local train networks, underground trains, multiple units, streetcar / trams and in special vehicles.
This book describes state-of-the-art technology in the field of track brakes, including magnetic track brakes 'MagnetAct' and eddy current brakes 'EddyAct'. It is intended to serve both as a reference and to answer questions related to this subject.

Format: 15 x 15 com, 140 pages (German / English)
Authors: Volker Jörgl, Richard Rathammer, Dr. Henry Lehmann, Dr. Gerhard Vohla
Co-author: Dr. Nicolas Lange
Price: The technical books are distributed free of charge, Knorr-Bremse will pay the shipping costs.

Dictionary of Brake Technology

This dictionary treats the technical terms of brake technology for rail vehicles in German, English and French. A modern dictionary designed for both general and technical use has to come up to many expectations. It is meant to be a measure of training, support the specialists and be suitable as a reliable reference book for translations. It is essential for such a publication that the various technical developments of our time – ranging from mechanics, pneumatics, electrical equipment to electronics, from hardware to software – are referred to in its columns. This technical dictionary of brake technology covers approximately 1500 words. t is an important addition to the numerous editions already published of the KNORR BREMSE technical library.

Dictionary of Brake Technology\\ WÖRTERBUCH DER BREMSTECHNIK
Format: 15 x 15 com, 148 pages (German / English / French)
Authors: Prof. Günther Gfatter, Dieter Lang, Dr. Gerhard Vohla
Co-author: Petra Ewald-Dudley (graduate translator), Roger Holden (Westinghouse Brakes), Caterine Siwoschinsky (Freinrail)
Price: The technical books are distributed free of charge, Knorr-Bremse will pay the shipping costs.

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