Modernization and Upgrades.

Modernization: New Life for Old Vehicles

To optimize vehicles’ performance, maximize their remaining service life and minimize operating costs, targeted measures are required to upgrade their weak spots with the latest technology. RailServices breathes new life into old vehicles with innovative new products, component upgrades and, where appropriate, system modernizations.

For each project, a dedicated team of engineers draws on the relevant expertise within the Knorr-Bremse Group, cleverly taking advantage of synergies between different products. Working with the global RailServices Modernization network, the teams develop integrated, customer-specific, modernization solutions that are ready for homologation.

Modernization Projects to Enhance Safety, Comfort and Performance

Some modernization projects are focused on the critical issue of safety. In India, for example, RailServices retrofitted automatic door systems on trains that previously only had manually operated doors with no automatic locking. This means that people can no longer open the doors manually while the vehicle is in motion. Sliding steps retrofitted to doors by RailServices enhance passenger comfort and make it easier for people with disabilities to use public transportation, while retrofitted sanding 'SandGrip' systems significantly improve braking system performance.


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