Service Solutions.

New Needs, New Service Solutions

Rail transportation never stands still. New trends keep emerging and markets are constantly changing. On the one hand, customers are demanding more sustainable and eco-friendly vehicle operation, while on the other, there is a heightened focus on life cycle costs and total cost of ownership. It is therefore vital for the service concepts of providers such as RailServices to keep evolving in order to reflect these changes.

From Availability Services to Energy Saving Services

But what does this mean in practice? Rather than simply providing individual aftermarket services, RailServices Availability Services offer comprehensive availability guarantees for spare parts and critical operating components. Under its Operational Optimization Service, RailServices uses operating data acquired from the iCOM digital platform to enable individually optimized operation and maintenance. Instead of adhering to fixed maintenance cycles, the aim is to carry out maintenance work proactively as and when required by actual material wear. The combination of operating data and digital technology offers huge potential in this respect.

RailServices Energy Saving Services harness Knorr-Bremse’s expertise to significantly reduce vehicle energy consumption. Combined with digital services, they offer an integrated approach to energy saving for braking, HVAC, door, traction and vehicle power supply systems.


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